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Reaper's Lullaby Lyrics

Album Name : Ripe for Rebellion
Release Date : 2013-04-22
Song Duration : 4:45

Triddana Reaper's Lullaby

Sinner in life, and redeemed just before death Currents of time warn when they are close So the dying can feel what is next

Judgement has come along with hit blade Creeping the Reaper will rise Whipping in flames smashing my head Bringing shadows of those I have killed

Thied to explain but I burn in despair Now he waits to sentence me and torture me in hell

Then I realize I must subjugate Facing my acts and past crimes I never knew what true fear was about Til I felt I was next in the trival

With each passing second I'm further convinced Nothing is granted all debts must be paid

Hey you spirits of the night Is the tune afar the Reaper's Lullaby? Hey you if i close my eyes Will I wake to repair what I've been?

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