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Avalon Lyrics

Trickside Avalon

Every day
It's on my mind
Time slips away
And another day is swept aside
Awaken in the evening
Makes it real
To feel like you're dying inside
Well it's on my mind tonight

Don't let me down
Cause now I need you most
To open up your heart and let me in
Never go away
Say you'll always stay
Carry us away to Avalon
Whenever things go wrong
Together we'll be strong
Carry us along to Avalon

I feel like I'm losing
My best friend
If it happened once
It can happen once again


However long
It goes on and on
Listening, heart beating
Sounds just like a melody
So glad we made it
Through the desert
We got scars on our hearts
Take me to Avalon
Take me to Avalon
Take me to Avalon

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