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Hymn For Him Lyrics

Album Name : Dantes Inferno
Release Date : 2014-03-20
Song Duration : 4:18

Transmetal Hymn For Him

(Lorenzo Partida)
Fog and desolation
I walk towards eternity
Under a sky without stars
You will& drive me
You& my guide and teacher
For you it leads to evilness
Where the blood has fingers
And the fire spills ashes
This world is for me
Where no one expects the peace
I don't know the earth
I travel 'cause I'm sad and damned
An injured wind shows me
Your silhouette clouded of rotten dust
Await my soul in death
Hymn for him
For him
Journey to obscurity
Hymn for him
For him
Journey to obscurity
Corrosive is your black dagger
Life kneels dishonored
Dead eyes in ignorance
Bloody heart of misfortune
The silence has the smell of dying
No destiny my funeral journey
The crack is of an obscure fury
To fall into broken water
Gnawed by the seconds
Soaked by the disgrace
Sailing in uncertainty
You'll show me eternity
Hymn for him
For him

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