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Rosen Lyrics

Tony Leon Rosen

This is a lovely day
I ain't measure yours the same cause i can't feel my face
I know where you was 'fore you showed up
I was feeling bent 'fore i poured up
I know what you need and it ain't love
I don't know a thing cause i'm so young
I've got to show them i got you
You'd never know them without me
Mientras me olvido de perder el control
Think about it
I just don't think about it
I borrowed sandy's shovel and i buried in rubble
I know what you did I know exactly what you did
"Yeah, huh?"
Here's the love
Where's the drugs
Where's the *******
Wet wet got me so upset
I don't know what to do next
Every move feels just like chess
All this smoke up in my chest
Lay my head between your breasts
Tell me what to do, no net
Tell me what to do next
You know i'm just upset
I'll cut a bitch off quick, i'm ghost
You already know how that shit goes
Pussy don't compromise my soul
F..cking on an an enemy
I'll never take you back
Niggas only love you when you're laying on your back
I was tryna let you know that someone loves you back
Karma caught up with me know it's coming for your ass
Contemplating life I had 200 on the dash

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