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Just Like The Wind (feat. Peter Fontaine) Lyrics

Tony Garcia Just Like The Wind (feat. Peter Fontaine)

As you walk into the world of tomarrow
Leaving me in pain and in sorrow
Never have I had a love that I love so much
And its gone out the door just like the wind

[First Verse]
As I look into your eyes
I can see that you wanted me to love you
You wanted to be mines
You said that it was wrong
You loving me, Me loving you
But you had a desperate heart
And so did I
Memories that we made, were they all in vain
How could you let it go so far
You was calling out my name
As we made love through the night
You told me that you love me but your gone
Now your gone

So I walk into the world of tomorrow
Hide behind the raindrops of sorrow
Dream of a love that could have been
But now your gone forever
My love, My girl
Just like the wind (no no no no)
Just like the wind

[Second Verse]
How many times deep down inside
I asked the question why
If you loved me like you said you do
Why aren't you by my side
Why deny that there's no hope
If you don't give our love a try
Steal my heart, commit the crime
Then push me aside
Act like you never loved me
When I can see love through your eyes
You'd finally realize
That I'm standing all alone
As you walk away
I'll take the fault girl
With nothing else to say

Chorus (1x)

She took her love away from me
And I loved her so much
She hurt me so bad
But she was gone out of my life
Just like the wind
Feeling like a love that I never had

Chorus (1x)

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