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Will Blast Lyrics

Album Name : Chapter 2 - World Domination
Release Date : 1997-11-04
Song Duration : 1:33

Three 6 Mafia Will Blast
Hoe, kill that nigga, hoe!

...w-w-w-w-will blast if a...
three six mafia, mafia...
...w-w-w-w-will blast if a...
three six mafia, mafia...

[DJ Paul]
Say hello to three 6 mafia (.?.)through the mask we be watchin ya
And we quick to beat a bang bang a rookie, huh
Trip a like a cookie before you know it
You'll be sayin' Killaman is too fast

[Gangsta Boo]
You got Miss Lady Gangsta Boo
Comin to you with a whole buncha shit that's gon f..ck your ass up
Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga,
Get buckwild in this muthafucka
Let me see ya do your stuff

[Juicy J/Da Juice]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Will blast if a muthafucka have to
Tie your body up with the string from your tennis shoes
Juicy J, in the house, puffin on a light cool
Those who wanna step to the click, it's a murder fool

[Crunchy Black]
Who I be, Crunchy Black
You'll know who I am when I come up from the back
Kickin doors, makin hoes, layin down
'cause I gotta have a muthafuckin prophet back

[Lord Infamous/Scarecrow]
I'm the wicked Lord Infamous, the Scarecrow
Demons be dancin round my throne
Gotta know why everytime I see your face
I'ma spray like (? ), bring it on (? )

[Koopsta Knicca]
Who that be between them trees tryin to take a peek at me
(?) if you from these other realms
I tell you Koop have nothing left

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