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Studio Time Lyrics

Album Name : Chapter 2 - World Domination
Release Date : 1997-11-04
Song Duration : 00:15

Three 6 Mafia Studio Time
Say hello to Three 6 Mafia
Cuz this nigga through the mask we be watchin ya.
Now we biggy biggy bang a rookie
Chip you like a cookie before you know it u be sayin'?

(Gangsta Boo)
You got miss lady gangsta boo comin to you with a whole? thats gonna
? i ran. get buck wild in this motherfucka let me see ya mista.

(Juicy J)
will blast if we mother f..cking have to
tie ur body up with the strings from your tennis shoes
juicy j in tha house puffing on a light cool
those who wanna step to the tech its a murda fool

(Crunchy Black)
who i be? crunchy black. u know who i am when i come up from the back
kicking doors making hoes laying down cuz i gotta have my motherfuckin
profit black

(Lord Infamous)
the wicked lord infamous the scarecrow demons be dancing around my throne but i
dont know why everytime i see your face when i spread light
yall bring it on

(Koopsta Knicca)
who dat be between them trees trying to take a peek at me from steps
if you from the other realm i tell you koop have nothing left

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