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It's Whateva Wit Us Lyrics

Album Name : Choices II (The Setup)
Release Date : 2005-04-19
Song Duration : 5:43

Three 6 Mafia It's Whateva Wit Us
It's Whateva Wit Us
Three 6 Mafia f/ Youngbloodz, Ying Yang Twins

Chorus DJ Paul
What u bitches wanna do ('cause it's whateva wit us)
What u bitches wanna do ('cause it's whateva wit us)
What u bitches wanna do ('cause It's whateva wit us)
It's whateva wit us, it's whateva wit us

Verse 1 DJ Paul
Now how the hell you little nigglets
Try and test me
Knowing the whole time you grew up on the green
Y'all trying to be Paul
But I ain't tryin' to be y'all
Your pockets is empty
Like summertime school halls
I'm worldwide trick
You're on the radio in one goddamn city
So check your crooked lip bitch
And change yo plans
It's the numbers on your phone
And numbers on your cell

Verse 2 Juicy J
I ain't messed up by messin crooked cowards
Wit a nigga name testing my gangsta
Get his f**kin feelings hurt
Eyes 45 on the fish desert green
Sippin hen smokin and coughin on the scene
You say you wanna fight I know you is a joke
So step in the ride
They call me the Juice
And it's the truth
It's wit all the sports
So watch bitch


Verse 3 Sean Paul
Yeah I'm straight for ATL
Screamin' f**k what you claiming
Actin wit the brand new mack
Brand new glasses all my niggaz?
I'm a gambler I'll handle ya
Hold the dice and shake em
Roll them self leanin the left
Nigga f**k around and break em
You' ze a bitch nigga I can tell it in your eyes
You a hoe nigga in tight jeans shown off your thighs
I'm a g nigga nothing but dro' rolled up in my swisha
In a big Lac with leather seats a pistol ready to split ya
I' m ready wit my partner ready to jump up in the chevy
I'm ready to kick it wit Three 6 Mafia
Back up 'cause we won't f**kin stop

Verse 4 J-Bo
You can call it how you like
But I'ma tell it like I see it
We strapped up wit heaters and bones
They so conceited
Dribble and bounce pass niggaz they so grab
But the whole world will know when we blast it
Knock em off in the ghetto ready nigga let's go
Youngbloodz wit Three 6 swolled my whistle
I'm backdoor like lil joe now nigga let's go
It's pimpin in this bitch
Sawin hoes off like nitro


Verse 5 D-Rock
Nigga you bleed like I bleed
We born to die
I never seen man cry till my nigga got shot
I hear you talking but actions speak louder then words
Nigga f**k what you heard I ain't never scured
Can you walk it like you talk it
Show a nigga you real
But shit like that get niggaz killed
Either you won't but nigga you will
All these stories you makin up killin my ill
And my patience ain't long at all
Nigga don't f**k wit me if I ain't f**kin wit y'all
'cause I'm ready for the world but is it ready for me
What you see on TV is on these streets
Some of these niggaz ain't as hard as they say they is
And niggaz don't live like they sayin they is
They wanna roll wit thug niggaz and gangstaz
But real ass niggaz don't roll wit wankstaz


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