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Fie It On Up Lyrics

Album Name : Three 6 Mafia Presents: Hypnotize Camp Posse
Release Date : 2000-01-25
Song Duration : 4:20

Three 6 Mafia Fie It On Up
greenery and g.o.d thts all thts inside of me reminisen of the day i started choken swisha leaves to keep me from gettin payed smokins wht the chicken started usin marijuana at 13 years of age bacardi got my visoin blured also with a bunch of herbs tryin to persuade the jury to mix it in with thunderbird trippen as i crush the wall now im screamen f..ck em all liven in atlanta where the pimps use a f..cken chrome wishen i could glock a dome i dont wat to rob a hoe spendin all my money smokin weed ina a optimole playa got me swisha sweets got me rollin silly specks smokin all my troubles as i roll em in a philly blunt with my thoughts they be lost or like green i break the law mix it up or jus let it blow up like a holocaust chiefin is in the air to trade smokin weed in the escalade bring some of tht reefer to put up in the air and blaze

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