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Only A Look Lyrics

Album Name : Alive And Satisfied (feat. The Whitfield Company)
Release Date : 1992-02-18
Song Duration : 6:02

Thomas Whitfield Only A Look

Only a look at Jesus,
also bowed down with care.
He has promised to defend me
and He'll, all your burdens share.

Just one look can move a mountain.
Just one look turns nights to day.

Altos: Just
All: one look at Jesus, can save eternal life to win

When we see Jesus face to face,
When we see Him who saved us by grace,
it will be glorious (to see Jesus face to face),
it'll be victorious (and to thank Him for his saving grace),
It will be glorious (to see the man named Jesus who hung, bled and died for me),
It'll be victorious (I want to say thank You, Lord for Your victory).
When we see Him, when we see Him,
then we'll know...

We shall, oh we shall.
We shall if we live right, we shall.

We shall be just like Him.