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Tha Plot Lyrics

Tey Boogie Tha Plot

New lesson for the block
Better pay attention this the plot
Ballin out man I'm trynna beat the clock
Ween here forever dog you gotta plot
Ian never been this honest in my music dog
I'll prolly never get this deep again
No pen no pad this from the heart
Don't just sit round dog you gotta plot

[Verse 1]
But Coming where I come from
They on teach you nothing
And it's even worst when you can't do nothing
Welcome to the jungle dog this ain't the zoo
Watch your back you never know it could be you
On my brother I don't lie I spit the truth
Im telling my story dog its up to Yall to listen to it
It ain't happen overnight, I had to plot this
I'm here for nothing dog this the plot bitch
I spit these flows this forreal Ima truth dog
Pound for pound the illest in the booth dog
I'm not here to prove nothing
I'm here to get this paper
Yall believing these niggas
Man I know they faking
I don't lie to the mic, my shit real homie
They kilt my bro broad day, nobody sqeilled on em
If I don't do nothing else, I gotta do it for him
Rep that shit for life, yeah I'm coming for it
Better hide that nigga, cause I'm gettin close
I'm worried bout today dog cause you Never know
I remember them days when I never knew
Pay attention to this story that I'm telling you
Gotta walk Yall in can't just throw at you
Put my heart and my soul
I hope you get the message
If you don't make no sense
Then I don't pay attention
It ain't fall in my lap I had to go and get it
Before I took my flight
I had a plot set
Now three years later look at my progress
All the shit I seen, I had to digest
Ian asking for yo help, I got my own shit
Throw respect to the one of the realist nigha in it
Ian saying I'm proud of it
But this who I am
Gotta up keep up wid me I don't stop
I'm here for nothing dog this the plot

Yeah you know this don't stop
Don't front boy the flow hot
Yeah I do this shit for your city
Trying to give it back to your block
Man let that boy plot
Gone let that boy plot
Let that boy plot
Just let that boy plot

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