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Wrong Vs. Right Doesn't Matter Lyrics

Album Name : Head Trip In Every Key
Release Date : 1998-03-13
Song Duration : 2:56

Superdrag Wrong Vs. Right Doesn't Matter

(J. Davis)
You cut my gentle flower down
Pierced her side with a pin for your lapel
You plucked the ruby from her crown
Now your karma's coming down (x4)
I've got a right to reclaim that
You're much too dim to explain that
Wrong versus right doesn't matter
Your simple skull's gonna shatter
You're the bastard embalmed in disaster
You laid her body out to dry
A possession like any other kind
Only she read the lyric to your lie
Now you're really getting high (x4)
You had no clue how to love one
You shot her down with a capgun
Blanks in your thanks for the memory
Crank up the high-school assembly (x4)

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