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Vans Song Lyrics

Album Name : Destruction By Definition
Release Date : 2008-04-22
Song Duration : 2:37

Suicide Machines Vans Song

Well, you're just like a club fag wearing doc martens
Get a pair of chukas or some checkerboard slip ons
Worship Jeff Spicoli not Chris Cornell
Get a pair of vans or God will send you to hell... to hell

you think doc martens are the coolest invention
since someone sliced a loaf of bread in someone elses kitchen
the plain truth is that you just plain suck
so why should i tell you not to waste a hundred bucks

VANS, in my head
VANS, on my feet
my sole is on the ground when i'm walking down the street 2,3,4
Don't need no doc martens
Can't wear no birkenstocks
Just a crummy old pair of chuka boots
and a smelly old pair of socks....

If you want to wear them you don't have to ride a skateboard
You can even wear them with a pair of old cords
Someone'll probably tell you that they're not in trend
Just tell them thats the reason why you don't have any friends... no friends

I don't wanna hear about alternative footwear
and I don't wanna hear about your new hair-doo
I don't give a shit about you stupid motherfuckers
Cause I just wanna get a pair of olive green CHUKAS!!!

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