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Our Time Lyrics

Album Name : Destruction By Definition
Release Date : 2008-04-22
Song Duration : 2:06

Suicide Machines Our Time

I got no time! How can it end when it never began?
Why can't I win when I know I can?
Seems that we've forgotten about the mess were in
Which way do we go, and was there ever a plan?
Seems I'm gettin old ya see
and I can't avoid responsibility
stuck in a box of popular belief
and it feels like somethings wrong with me!
got no! got no time for myself!
Do we have a function?
Tell me is there something
Is this my assumption?
Tell me is there something
Life is nothing but consumption
Tell me is there something
Do we have a function?
Tell me is there something there!
How can we help when we don't know where to begin?
Fighting the system yet you got sucked in
You dropped out of the race, cause you never fit in
It a racist power structure,
do we call it human?
I've seen through all the years
and through all the tears
I've seen my share, it makes me feel like...
no one even cares...

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