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Hearing Voices Lyrics

Album Name : How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today
Release Date : 1988-09-01
Song Duration : 4:13

Suicidal Tendencies Hearing Voices

I got home kind of late last night
My mind wasn't clear, but I could tell something wasn't right
So silent I could hear my heart pump
But then I heard a sound that made me jump

I tried to get real brave, tried to look around
I tried to find out where came that sound
The re I looked, the less I could see
But the voices keep calling, calling out to me

I hear voices-when I'm all alone
Hearing voices-but there's nobody home
Hear the voices-could it be they're calling out to me
Hearing voices-I look, why can't I see
I hear voices-can't stop those voices

It happened again-the very next day
I still couldn't understand what they were trying to say
Could only get the courage to open up one eye
Couldn't see nothing, but the voices they don't lie

I searched and searched but not a soul I found
Pretty damn sure no one was around
The more I looked the less I could see
Then I realized the voices were calling from me


Are they demons-or are they angels or am I crazy

Now the voices I start to understand
They have to do with the master plan
You think about what you'd do
Cause one day the voices will be calling out to you
The voices I hear now I know are true
They come not from one but they come from two
The real point is what I'm missing
>From which voice will I listen

I hear voies
Hearing voices
Do you hear the voices?
Can't stop the voices

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