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Foolish Fool Lyrics

Album Name : Everything Under the Sun (Box Set) [Audio Version]
Release Date : 2006-11-14
Song Duration : 3:45

Sublime Foolish Fool

Crazy, crazy
Crazy fool
Cra--zy fool

If she thinks that she
Gonna dispose my world
I'd-a-be a crazy, crazy, crazy,
Crazy fool
Cra--zy fool

My love for you,
Was oh, so strong
We went together,
For oh, so long

I might have complained about this misery, yeah
Is this the way,
this's supposed to be? ('Spossed to be now)

Foolish, foolish
Oh you're just a...
Foolish... girl

Oh foolish, foolish, foolish
Oh you're just a...
Cra--zy girl

If she thinks that she
Is gonna take you from me
Gotta be a...
Crazy, crazy, crazy,
Cra--zy fool

Cra--zy fool

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