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Straight Edge Pull

It´s like a brand into your skinlost in a world you don´t fit in
You can´t remove this fear from you
And now I´m praying to God: "Please tell me, what can I do ?"
You do not respect anyone
never ask yourself what you have done
Your whole life you were so blind
Look inside yourself - Let´s see what you find !

pull ! pull ! (the) trigger of your gunpull ! pull ! think you are the onepull ! pull ! waiting in your handpull ! pull ! aimed at your f..cking head
I can´t show you the way I feel
seems like your heart is made of steel
at first sight you are as cold as ice
everybody believed in your shameless lies
did your parents ever pay attention to you ?
I can´t believe and you know it ain´t true
that I don´t try to change, that I don´t want to knowwhat you don´t want to know - but you have to go...

to find...
what you...

You´re slowly falling to the ground
`cause your dark soul has never found
you don´t give a f..ck about any rule, without a reason
thinking you were cool
Don´t you know the feelings you always repress
are the reason for ending up depressed ?
you can´t hide yourself
For you it´s too late - welcome to your suicide !

knowing that you won´t reach it pull!! pull!!
feeling that you can´t change it pull!! pull!!
seeing your red eyes bleeding pull!! pull!!
realizing that I´m not dreaming pull!! pull!! pull!!!

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