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Better Left Unsaid Lyrics

Stoop Kids Better Left Unsaid

So much better
So better to be

[Verse 1]
3 in the morning
Sick of recording
And you call me on the phone at home
What are the chances I'm picking up
Always hitting me up when you liquored up

[Verse 2]
I don't know how much I had tonight
But I think I'm in love (Yeah)
I don't know how much I'll have tonight
But I know it's not enough (Yeah)


[Verse 3]
Come closer
Don't delay
Feel it baby
In your legs
I'll give over
If you do
Just tell me baby
You want me too

Lying here thinking to myself what to do cause I can't resist
I seem to pander to everyone else and that's so ridiculous
Spent too much time, yeah, running my mind to now be suddenly pissed
If I could just find a mysterious kind and tell them all of my secrets

Woah you and me inside
You and me inside
You and me inside
You and me inside
Woah you and me inside
You and me inside
You and me inside
Woah you and me inside

[Verse 4]
That shit don't satisfy me
Late at night on the Spotify stream
Think of the people and places I've seen
Know that there's someone there better for me
Looking to stay, looking to leave
Looking for someone that I could believe
Well I'm feeling astray, feeling so incomplete
But I'm feeling the way that your looking at me

[Verse 5]
I fell in love with a blonde from Philly
When I think about that shit it's so silly
Friends with Benz
Brunette from Houston
It had to end she wanna get exclusive

"Griffin, it's Kate! I figured since you said texting doesn't quite work with you, that calling would be better and I know that we only met for like that one night but somehow I feel really connected to you. I'll talk to you soon, bye!"


So much better
Ooh I want you
So better
So much better

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