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Shannon You Lose Lyrics

Stone Fury Shannon You Lose

Changed my life, that is what she's done
After her all the come is gone
She wears al look that snows you
She'll remember you

And I know even though I wait
She's the type whose body takes
She wears a look that snow you
She'll remember you

Stole my heart, but I gave it, too
Lost control, feel just like a fool
She can look right through you
It'll can get to you

Can't move a finger while just walking away
I'm having trouble with the time of day
She can really blind you
It'll get to you

But I yield to fire inside
It's too late for me to hide
Your love for you can't be denied

I'll never tell you

Shannon you lose
Shannon you lose
Don't want to hurt that much
Don't want to give it up

I wanna be there with you all the time
Shannon you lose...

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