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A Million Miles Away Lyrics

Album Name : Disconnected
Release Date : 2008-01-29
Song Duration : 3:45

Stiv Bators A Million Miles Away


you must stay behind i'm sorry it's so
it's nothing personal but you can't go
cause i'm with the girl who's got the stuff
it's not real life but it's good enough
and i'm a million miles away
i'm a million miles away
and you can't reach me today
i'm disconnected all the way
what's the disturbance i'm eating my meal
how the hell do you know what i feel
they're playing at killing out here in the streets
when i'd give anything for a good night's sleep
i think of a girl that i once had
her face is blank i remember her sad
she moves to the summer every halloween
she can't understand how she died in her dream
at the war museum there's a new art show
the slef-portrait of vincent van gogh
of course i was there to cash in my soul
now get me out of here before i lose control

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