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Being Here Lyrics

Album Name : Being Here / Snow In California - Single
Release Date : 2008-08-05
Song Duration : 3:29

Stills Being Here

We ride through
These plains of hurt
Through the southern green
And rock
On a railroad of knots
And there's blood on the lines
Of every page I turn
When the ones you love
Are the ones you burn

Being here (3x)

Somewhere singing songs
About a girl I hurt
I've been everywhere enough
I've been torn apart by the world
But there's apples in the trees
And diamonds in the earth
I've been losing my mind
Somehow it can't get worse

Being here (3x)

And the wind is blowing cold
And I can't escape the tears
One for every broken bone
And a hundred for all the years

Being here (8x)

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