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Tinderbox Lyrics

Album Name : Tinderbox
Release Date : 2014-09-08
Song Duration : 2:53

Stiff Little Fingers Tinderbox

Then the rain came down
And washed all hope away
And your life's a train
But it only goes one way
What about the times when you were happy
Balance them against the times you're sad
Was there once a time when you felt lucky
Or do you regret the times you've had

Cos sometimes I feel
I live in a tinderbox
And just one spark
Sets the whole thing off
And sometimes I see
The light die within me
And the flame go out
Leave me in the dark

When your world's a mess
And imbecility gets you down
When you can't accept
The stupidity that's around

What about the times when you were focused
What about the times you know who you are
Do you find it hard containing your emotions
Do you find it hard to just get out the door

I'm hangin' in you're hangin' on [x2]

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