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Get A Life Lyrics

Stiff Little Fingers Get A Life

Well you snap to attention
And pay heed to what they say
Cos you know
That you please them all that way
And you don't need to think now
Cos your mind has gone astray
And they'll do your thinking anyway
And your head is full of ideas
That don't mean a thing

With your new sense of duty
And your brain washed shiny clean
It's time
To take your part in the parade
Yet you sound like your father
And I don't want to be mean
But did
You never want to break away?
And your head is full of answers
With no questioning
And your life is very simple
You won't let the outside in

Won't you tell me
Why won't you get a life?
Are you scared of what feels right?
Won't you help me
Reach the meaning of you

Well it's hard for me
To understand how this can be
You're the same age as me
Yet you're older by years

[Repeat vs 1]

So I won't try to change you
You can carry on that way
But I hope
You come back to life one day

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