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Headlock Lyrics

Album Name : Extended Play
Release Date : 2011-03-18
Song Duration : 4:39

Sticky Fingers Headlock

I see your luck your be stuck in a hazardous way
Your mind made up in a psychotic decay
Displaying mental vision that'll pick apart your brain
The green grass wasn't as green as yesterday

Free roaming eagles burning down to the sparkling core
With you hands in your pockets and your body is sore
The all seeing eye was confused with a vision
Created by the covers in a centerfold condition

I can tell that they're coming for you
Shake out the guns and the glitter and glue
Nothing else oh nothing else to do
So reload the front pull the trigger and choose

Shut tight inner shock headlock
Dreaming of a flying bed
Cut fight heavy deep shell shocked
Living in the night of the dead

Breaking bad boy hes got the moves
Blending flavours that feel so smooth
Rude boy rebel got his knuckles all bruised
He's realised the fun pulled the trigger let loose

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