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That's Paradise Lyrics

Album Name : Greatest Hits
Release Date : 1997-10-09
Song Duration : 5:01

Steven Curtis Chapman That's Paradise

Jimmy and Mary were quite a pair back in their younger days
They met a married in six weeks time and
That was sixty years ago this May
Four kids made a house a home and a love for Jesus kept them strong
Now every morning at eight A..M.. Jimmy takes a drive through town
He spends his days at Mary's side
In a home for the old and broken down
With a cane in his lap and a Bible in his hand
He reads her stories about the promised land
And with tears in their eyes they dream of a place
Where everything changes in the light of Jesus' face and
That's paradise... Hey, that's paradise...
When the life breaks through and the old's made new
And the joy will never die, that's paradise
In another corner of this world, met another man named Jim
Told me how twenty years of running from God
Had finally gotten the best of him
He said all hope was gone and he wanted to die
'Cause what could God do with such a messed up guy
So we talked about Jesus, God's love and His plan
And when Jim walked away he was a brand new man and
Now listen,
Well I know the best remains to be seen
In a place that's far beyond our wildest dreams
But until we see heaven we've got Jesus' world
That He'll never leave us and each prayer will be heard

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