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Southern California Line Lyrics

Album Name : Here Come the Miracles
Release Date : 2002-03-01
Song Duration : 4:28

Steve Wynn Southern California Line

Bobby took a ride on a California night
On the 7:35 from Salinas
Didn't hear a sound there was no one else around
He said 'The sky has come between us'.

Are you really sure that now's the time?
Are you ready to be saved
On the Southern California Line?

Bobby made a list of the places he had missed
And the places where he'd been forgotten
Looked upon the list and he tore the list to bits
And he wondered how it turned so rotten

Bobby's last connection was a thought about confession
And a 25-to-life in prison
Took a load of pills, leaned against the windowsill
And waited till his soul had risen

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