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Mary Lou Lyrics

Album Name : The Joker
Release Date : 2013-06-18
Song Duration : 2:24

Steve Miller Mary Lou

by Young Jessie and Sam Ling
I'm gonna tell you a story 'bout Mary Lou
You know the kind of woman make a fool of you
She make a young man itch
She man an old man fart
The way she took my money was a crying shame
Mary Lou she took my watch and chain
Mary Lou she took my diamond ring
Mary Lou she took the keys to my cadillac car
Jumped in my kitty and drove off far
Left me stranded in Kalamazoo
Making her fortune off a fool like you
She married a rich man
Had a dozen mountain goats
Drove that cat until he flipped his lid
Come back into town about a year ago
Told me she was sorry that she hurt me so
I had a fifty-five Ford and a two dollar bill
The way she looked at that man gave me a chill
Mary Lou

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