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Your Saving Grace Lyrics

Album Name : Box Set
Release Date : 1994-07-29
Song Duration : 4:47

Steve Miller Band Your Saving Grace

Winter's people watchingAs I sail from season's fourTo join some crazy ladiesIn a game upon the shoreNone of them with broken wingsBut still refuse to flySo with sweetness on my lipsI smile a last goodbye
And now I spend my lifeOn the velvet side of hellAimlessly here searchingFor what I cannot tellThe quietness is terribleIt's more than I can standBut thousands now stand cheeringAs my blood flows in the sand
Spoken: You're not the childYou thought you wereYou wake up in the nightAnd know you're blindAnd yet they keep on pushingTrying the insides of your mindForever, forever arresting to controlUntil the emptiness of heaven welcomes your weary soul
Rise up with the new dawn's early morningFeel the sunshine warm upon your faceTomorrow's come a long, long way to help youYes, it's your saving grace
Every day, every wayTomorrow, it's your saving graceWell, now got no time to worryCause I've got no time to hurryBaby, it's your saving graceNow don't you lay those blames on meDon't you play those games on meCause baby it's your saving graceYou got to need a little lovin'Now baby it's your saving graceHey, I feel alrightYeah, yeah, yeah, yeahYour saving graceAh, hey, hey, heyYour saving graceLa la la la la la la la....Oh baby, it's your saving grace

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