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My Friend Lyrics

Album Name : Sailor
Release Date : 1991-04-01
Song Duration : 3:28

Steve Miller Band My Friend

So you think you know just what goes on inside your head, my friendThere is so much more than you and I can comprehendThings that make you laugh, things that make you cryLet you love when you feel like you wanna die
There's no answer to the questions that we find inside, my friendBut when we start to wonder why, we wind up further behind, my friendAll we see has always been shownBut there's so many things that I've never known
So you think you know, my friendBut you don't know, my friend, my friendYou think you knowBut you don't know
All for one and one for allIt's everything or nothing at allListen, my friendYou don't knowNo, my friendYou don't know

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