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Kow Kow (calqulator) Lyrics

Album Name : Box Set
Release Date : 1994-07-29
Song Duration : 4:28

Steve Miller Band Kow Kow (calqulator)

Kow Kow CalqulatorWas a very smooth operatorHad himself a pet alligatorKept it in a chrome elevator, yeah
When the sun began to shineThe alligator come outsideKow Kow played the chimesTogether they would go for a ride
As they travelled with a heavy loadThey came across a dead horse at the side of the roadWith two generals standing at each endFighting over whose fault it had been
And all that's left was this warAnd they couldn't get things back together like they were before
Well, listenTurn on your love lightTurn it on, let it shineInside your heartLet it shine, turn it onYour love lightTurn it onTurn it onLet it shineInside your mind
So many times Kow Kow had heard it said beforeOh, don't, Lord, don't go near that doorThe cause of our evil you'll uncoverBecause of our misery you discoverWell, misery seeks its own companyKow Kow had heard it said
Now he sits there cryingOh, with his hands across his headKow Kow CalqulatorOh, a very smooth operator
Get back in your elevatorKow Kow CalqulatorTurn on your love lightOh, Oh, Oh, OhLet it shine

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