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In My First Mind Lyrics

Album Name : Children of the Future
Release Date : 1989-01-25
Song Duration : 7:35

Steve Miller Band In My First Mind

Singing a song of loveGrowing each dayKnowing how it's beenLiving for todayI wanted to love you, babeI swear I do know howTo go back is pointlessUnderstand this now
Our time, it hasn't been too longIt all seems to drift awayNo more the pastIt's the futureThat I'm living for todayAnd if it's not getting youWhere ever you need to goThere's still a place in my heartIf you did not know this is so
In my first mindYou are so fineAll the good things you doAre in my own time
In my second mindI can see you growFeel you flowIt moves my soul, yeah

Song Meanings for In My First Mind


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