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Got Love 'cause You Need It Lyrics

Album Name : Brave New World
Release Date : 2004-09-01
Song Duration : 2:26

Steve Miller Band Got Love 'cause You Need It

Sittin' here waitin', anticipatin'What I'm gonna do to youYou may not see itBut you sure do need itAnd I'll change your mind 'fore you're throughBeen cool so far, but I'm gonna steal your carAnd you'll learn to dig it too, baby
Come {??} and it won't be longBefore you feel me comin' throughI've got no hands on the wheelBut I'm drivin' by feelAnd I got you sewn up and surrounded tooTake you down the track in a burlap sackAnd you'll learn to dig it too
You're my horse and you never win a raceBut I got to foot this {??} to youYou better not brag, you're a hunky old hagAnd that goes for your mother tooWell you tell me you love, gonna slug you in the eyeAnd you'll learn to dig it baby
Well you've got a job and I've heard that beforeAnd you're in the same line as Pussy GaloreYou wear your dresses shortAnd I'll see you in courtYou better bring me back some money or don't knock on my doorGonna get me a whip and I'm gonna teach you to skipAnd you'll learn to dig it baby
Well, I'm movin' fasterThan the plaster castersAnd all your groupies tooGot love cause you need it, babyAnd we're gonna mess with you

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