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Elmo Delmo Lyrics

Album Name : Real Emotional Trash (Bonus Track Version)
Release Date : 2008-03-04
Song Duration : 6:41

Stephen Malkmus Elmo Delmo

I came to call your dare
And look you up on all you
Claim to want to share
Claim to want to share

Don’t get into
The throng in your head
Cause this is not a passenger line
Everybody’s read
Elusive I consume to acquire
A half-sunken church
Expanding candle-necklace of hell
A snow-stricken ghost

Will politic the edge of infinity
The habit technique

We are not here to pray
So fleet of foot and smart
In suits of charcoal gray
Suits of charcoal gray

Bring to the fore
A thought corridor
A purple puma’s
Guarding the gate

A metal grotto
You’ll hear no echoes
Isn’t it sweet?
The people you meet

Connecting with the calendar kids
I’m one with the grid
It turns me into a
Double-form iris

Association upgrade

Life after birth
Nonstop grinning
Arctic circle
Nonstop winning

Shamrock justice
For the ice moth
He is one last lost
Elmo Delmo

Elmo Delmo

First my type from
Elmo Delmo
Seize my life from
Elmo Delmo

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