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Cardboard Coffin Lyrics

Stephanie Rearick Cardboard Coffin

You need a joltYou've got to bolt
you're half-asleep
you need to wake
The deal is grave
you cannot wait another day
No marking time
you've got to fly or scream or dance
you need a thrill you cannot
waste another chance
to finally feel like you are real
I buy my high by flying high in the sky
so I might feel like I might die
You've fallen ill
you're losing color
losing hair
you're losing weight
You know you may not live
to see another day

You've got no time for
peace of mind
you miss the calm
and all around you is the
deafening lack of sound
And you can't help but know you're real
There was a time
or was no time
when you were fine
and you could find
the perfect spot
that one good place
that wasn't bought
And you'd know all
you'd ever sought
was what you'd got
...How to tell it's a cardboard coffin:
Just wait till noone's looking and start knocking.
If it's a hollow thud and noone answers, then push
on the sides and see if they give.

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