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Dogs And Ferrets Lyrics

Album Name : A Parcel of Steeleye Span - Their First Five Chrysalis Albums (1972-1975) [Remas
Release Date : 2009-10-09
Song Duration : 2:45

Steeleye Span Dogs And Ferrets

I keep my dogs and I keep my ferrets
I have them in my keeping
To catch those hares that run by night
While the game keepers lie sleeping

My dogs and I went out on a cold night
For to view the habitation
Up jumped a hare and away she did ran
Straight into a plantation


She had not gone a long way in
When something caught her running
So loudly then I heard her cry
For she knew the dogs were coming


I took my knife all in my hand
So quickly for to paunch her
She was one of the female kind
How glad I was I'd caught her


Then I'll go down to some ale house near
And I'll drink that hare quite mellow
I'll spend a crown and a merry crown too
And say "I'm a right good fellow"

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