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Sleep Of Despair Lyrics

Album Name : Genesis
Release Date : 2006-08-15
Song Duration : 7:26

Steel Prophet Sleep Of Despair

I can see all around me in this lucid state
My own mind controls my real fate
But if I wake from slumber, then returns despair
Of the days depression, forgets the dreams I share
If I sleep in peace do I loose my sin
Or does it linger to when the day begin

I've been trying for so long now to avoid the crimes of mind
The things I want, desire can it damn me from all peace
I lie awake and pray for sleep to take the sorrow away for now
In the dreams I'll find new hope, will hope ever cure my ills

I hear a woman's voice is calling

A voice I've never heard
I have no vision of her image
My dread is growing, I don't know

If I ever care to wake up
I know my fear will extend still
The inner workings of my mind
Can never sleep or calm my mind
The troubled waters of my world
Aren't consumed by restful sleep
Now upon the mornings rising
I find life's gauntlet carries on

In a building with no doorways

Escape can never be
Despair my only love
I find my way through the dreams of doom
Despair reaches out in the black of night
Embracing my life's dream
I still resist/break the curse/my faith
Will live/where hope denies my peace
And through revealed/ in fragments of my mind
My will exists/to roam the corridors of life

I am the force, I've searched and sought so long
My name is his through ancient dreams may now obscure

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