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Structural Defect Lyrics

Album Name : Machine
Release Date : 2001-05-22
Song Duration : 3:39

Static-X Structural Defect

I don't care what you say and
I don't care what you see and
There's still a better way a
Structual defect
I don't care what you do and
I see the real you and
There's nothing here to stay
A structual defect

Crowbar to force the hold
Drill into it drill into it
Eat all the problems leave
Bleeding from it

Commiserate me and
Try to elate me and
It liberates me and
Structual defect
Commiserate you and
Try to elate you and
It liberates you and
Structual defect

Explode reloading and
Coerce controlling and
I'm overdosing
Expose it forcibly and
Escape emergency and
The inconsitency

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