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Virtual Addiction Lyrics

State Of Being Virtual Addiction

i have always dreamed escaping reality
turbo processed thoughts abound
computating wishes found
i'm creating a new scenario for my brain
simulated thoughts sedated
"reality" is now invaded
addicted to a digital sect
and i play it again and i say it again
thoughts run away now day by day
i dont have anything but the game that brings
to my attention:  virtual addiction
government has me so sedated i cannot see
process pleasing pleasure bound
stimulating sights and sounds
strapped and gagged still i think i have control of me
parameter is now executed
destination undisputed
computer link to brain direct
my thoughts are in sync with a program distinct
and the feelings i scream are absorbed by machine
and i work everyday just to afford to play
just a slave to the game and all i want out of life
all i want out of life...

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