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Transmission Lyrics

Album Name : The Shortcut to Loss
Release Date : 2003-11-25
Song Duration : 3:24

Stars Hide Fire Transmission

this signal's heading nowhere fast.
there's intermission in the sound,
it's fading in and out
it breaks down
it starts back up
this transmission's been shorting out

today, i stand here in front of you.
save me, from making mistakes we can't help to make.

and this system's keeps ears on lockdown
keeps them unconscious to the sound
a deafening drown
it breaks up
it falls apart
this engine stops and idles out
and these days have fallen out of sequences
which these frequencies mute out

and as you live in the comfort of plush couches and living rooms
ask yourself why everything has fallen apart
this transmission is being broadcast to all those who accept it's sound
accept our doubts
can i fade it out
can i numb these thoughts right now

and this system's falling
and i'm on overload
and these day are numbered with feelback reigning sounds
it's fall apart

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