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Happy Lyrics

Album Name : Stabbing Westward
Release Date : 2001-05-22
Song Duration : 4:03

Stabbing Westward Happy

I know you've grown to hate me
Even more than you have
Grown to hate yourself
But has it really made a difference?
Sharing all that hate
With someone else?
Please tell me
Are you really happy?
Do you think he's really worth the pain?
Tell me
Are you really happy?
Or did you simply throw our life away
Just to be unhappy?
Does he worship and adore you?
Does he make you feel so
Beautifully complete?
Is your life so much better now?
Or do the same
Old demons haunt just me?
Is he everything you've dreamed of?
I'd imagine he is
So much more than me
You know I tried to make you happy
But I believe
You thrive on misery

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