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Homelands Lyrics

Album Name : Tripping Up the Stairs
Release Date : 1988-02-01
Song Duration : 4:01

Spirit Of The West Homelands

The difference between being on the bottom or the top
Is you fight for what you have, they fight for what you've got
And if what you have is what they want they'll make the laws then break them
They see money, they'll remake them, they don't understand--
We live on Indian land
We don't want this job creation it involves annihilation
Of history engraved in stone, the economics of Northeast coal
In parliament we praise, minorities in other countries
Who fight for their land and die for freedom
Here we lock them up and cut them down
Down, down, down

We took their land, dilute their nations
Force them on to reservations
Corporate interest won't stop there
Take the trees and leave this homeland bare-- oh no

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