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My Final Sin Lyrics

Speaking To Stones My Final Sin

I locked the door and lost the key
Never knew the answer within me
Behind these walls, praying to find
The endless ocean of our minds

I dont need lust
I dont need betrayal
I just need to see my failures by daylight
I dont need you
I dont need my ego
I just need to find where I join with starlight

I have fallen so many times
Lost in my selfish seclusion
I can't forget my past, but
I will transcend my final sin

You tell me relax
Dont regret the past
But without regret, youll never change
Thats fine for you, iniquitous fools
I will be more than what I have been

I dont need lies
And I dont need apathy
I just need to keep my eyes open
I dont need greed
And I dont need ignorance
I need to trust the life inside my soul

The world tries to makes us weak
Give us everything we think we want
All thats inside us is all thats around us
Changing our minds can change this world

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