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Always And Ever Lyrics

Album Name : Southern Sons
Release Date : 1990-01-01
Song Duration : 3:58

Southern Sons Always And Ever

A message from my heart
I am floating back to the place where I feel
So this is where you are
We are two bandits here to steal
We are climbing single handed
We are walking through these walls
Breaking down resistance
Till there's nothing left to fall ...
  Baby you know I've always loved you from the start
  I'm sure that my heart will be always and ever with you
  And when you wake and in your dreams and when you sleep
  You know that my heart will always and ever be
  Always and ever with you
There's someone out at sea
I am watching as the sky covers me
I'm standing in your room
In a world of mystery
Now something has been granted
Something here so good
Someone will be here tonight
Message understood ...
(Repeat Chorus)
(Middle 8)
  You turned my heart around
  Just turned my heart around
  I'm contemplating the love that is waiting
  Something that I know for sure
Everything is moving while we are lying still
I should chain this heart of mine
But I never will
(Solo and chorus)

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