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Hillwood Hustlaz Lyrics

Album Name : Best Of The Best Vol. 2
Release Date : 2010-04-28
Song Duration : 3:48

South Park Mexican Hillwood Hustlaz

(feat. Grimm, Rasheed)
[Chorus: Grimm]
Boy you neva shoulda f..cked with uuus
We da Hillwood hustlaaaaaz
Niggas known for bustin sluuugs
Makin money sellin sluts and druuugs

[Verse 1: SPM]
I'ma motherfuckin Hillwood cowboy
Five-forty i was raised Mr. C. Coy, a.k.a. El Coyote
Creepin slow through the monte
Peace to my niggas in the grave and the bote
Ponte quidao, bow wow wow
Soy el mojado de ciudad Hustletown
Blue and White Porche
60,000 dolla horse
At my ranch where my butt naked maids do my chores
I slap all the demons
Get weighed on triple beamas
I got a "Dirty Harry" plus a pair of pretty Ninas
Raised on the south side of Houston
F..ck with the click and shit'll get gruesome
Quick execution
Day of revolution
Mom wanna send me to anotha institution
Life is so precious
Why would you test this?
Mex out of Tex with 7 s-k-s's partna

[Chorus: Grimm]
[Repeat 2x]

[Verse 2: Rasheed]
They call me Rasheed
I smoke the bomb weed
I came up off my feet cause I make my block bleed
It mus be all greed cause my boys rob keys
Im'a cha chi ever rub her clock these
I never buy g's
Leave em bloody by deeezzz
Put them in the back of a stolen Marquis
Call the cops please cause this muthafucka smell
The ringin in my ear sound like hells bells
Well this is farewell
I park parallel
Walk to the park and smoke on the carousel
We play hide and seek
And then freeze tag
But the tag on ya toe in a police bag
Blow green grass
But still I think fast
F..ck a bitch
Put a whole in his little pink ass
4 5 don't lie
Don't jive
Takin hoes lives
Run up in my face and take a nose dive

[Chorus: Grimm]
[Repeat 2x]

[Verse 3: SPM]
26 pistols
17 missiles
Take em all to school and give em early dismissal
No referees or whistles
Jus be the craziest
I'm in the studio like Julio Iglesias
I break truce
Blast and chunk deuce
Make a few calls
Tell em "Let the dogs loose"
44 troops
Camouflage and black boots
The games will begin when the 1st man shoots
Separate in groups
Go as low as you can stoop
Put a hole in they ass like a f..ckin fruit loop
Shoot to kill
Make em puke and squeal
Catch em while they sleepin in they Coupe Deville
My crew is real and after ya do dis deal
I'ma take ya'll niggas on vacation to Brazil
Loose your steel
At the ship channel bridge
And remember the rule
No women no kids

[Chorus: Grimm]
[Repeat 2x]

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