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Dope Game Lyrics

Album Name : The Last Chair Violinist
Release Date : 2008-11-11
Song Duration : 4:36

South Park Mexican Dope Game

Check one,check two,lets take a cruise
I done did the game every which way but loose
Nuthin left to do except collect my cash
And I bet that ass that the Mexico gon` last
Put the past on paper,threw away the pager
Cuz these boys keep callin from locs to cookie baker
Mama saved em from the hate,now Ive hard with the pain
Im in the place in your face tryin to sell you a tape
I break records in Texas crippin in Caddies and Benzes
And a pretender if he step up to the bullet bartender
I bet I check and wreck a sucker riding bumper to bumper
I might dump the whole clip and miss and hit your uncle
I aint trippin,flippin,sippin on Purple Lipton
Diggin women in the drop lemon,g livin
I was driven to my last nerve,hittin curbs
Puttin twenties on a grass hurst
End of verse

No shame
Welcome to the dope game
This is where we dont play
Leave your boys with no brains

I remember long ago I bever got no love
Still I knew that one day I`d be popular
I used to stand in the circle trying to smoke your bud
Just hopin that the blunt wouldn`t pass me up
I used to ask for a sip of your syrup
I used to never walk around with the white cup
Now I eat eighteen steaks, on silver plates
Girls fannin my face, others give me grapes
By the grace of God, I was given the job
To run through the rap game like corn on the cob
So blessed in my test, I bought my sets in the southwest
I ain`t got no credit cards except Mexican Express
I`ma dress my baby girl and rock the whole damn world
If you needs track Happy P got my referal
Your head twirl to the sounds of the SP Mex
Ridin in the Lex with a dog named Plex
Southside to the North, at the old golf course
The valet the white Porsche with the bulletproof doors

No shame
Welcome to the dope game
This is where we don`t play
Leave your boys with no brains

It`s the L-O-S-C-O-Y
Pack the pistola, oh me oh my
My nina shine like the sun, I never ask for a crumb
For breakfast my chef makes me eggs-fuyon
I`ve come from the hills of ghetto thrills and chills
Three wheelin, dope dealin, killin nuthin but squeels
My third wish was to break this curse and myth
Now I`m worldwide status on your satilite dish
Punk checker, chump wrecker, got the salt and pepper
Left a mark in the game and never been a half stepper
Leopard skin on my couch, be like Oscar the Grouch
From the streets, pullin rocks out my kangaroo pouch
But I told these boys, never at my house
Whether it`s the ounce that puts leather on my couch
A thousand dollas a week, my baby girl`s allowance
Dope House bouncin cash to my forgein accounts

No shame
Welcome to the Dope Game
This is where we don`t play
Leave your boys with no brains

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