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Salt Of Your Memory Lyrics

Soundshine Salt Of Your Memory

Now I can just think of yesterday
And hope my mind will get a bit less grey
I cried so much, I've nothing more to say
But I hope you'll forgive me one day
For all the words I said to you
For all the times when my love grew
Girl I'm sick of all your poor soft lies
And of the tears in you eyes
       So long,
       I've been waiting to be free
       But now I really need to belong
       To you and to your own pity
       And only then my heart will see
The nights we spent are beating in my heart
And all the days I used to count are far
My tears are full of the salt of your memory
But I don't want you to say you're sorry
That I can't understand your choice
That I can no more stand your voice
Please don't wait to find another place
Where I can't look at your face
Now I can just forget yesterday
And hope my life will find an other way
I cried so much there's nothing you can say
You should hope I'll forgive you one day
For all the words you said to me
For all my love you didn't see
Girl I know you weren't telling lies
When you said that love never dies

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