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Love Me Or Love Me Not Lyrics

Soulja Slim Love Me Or Love Me Not

Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Chorus x2]
Either you love me or love me not I'ma be me
I'm known for making promises that I can't keep
And baby the streets made me
And I run 'em 24/7 365 daily

[Verse 1]
Look you knew what you was dealing with from day one
I'm not a lil boy, yeah I'm young with a lot of old vet
Its only been a few days and so you say
You love me in a married way, yeah okay
I've been several types of relationships
And I feel your true love don't make no sense
Its all on me if I want this thang to work out
I know your goal is to try trap me that what you heard
I aint been home in a few days cause you be traveling
I let you get your mind right cause I aint with the
kicking and scratching
I'm on parole, I can't be riding for domestic violence
so I stay my distance
When there two ways to beat the pussy up and I'm bout
my business
If I gotta beatcha then I don't need ya, let the next
man do it
You done ran me away from you now, how you gone prove
Being stupid, you done lost out
Now its next to the boss bitch with the boss mouth
You know what I'm talking bout


[Verse 2]
Son say he seen me distributing something
You know that boy dirty, he didn't see me distributing
So now its back doing jail time all over again
And josphine means bumping running working the pin
I only got 500 for me but I keep ten
But you my number one and you don't suppose to know
about them
Deep in your heart you know I'm a true player boy
But its cool I take that nigga I take my player charges
I don't know why you making me promise to come home to
Yeah I come to f..ck but thats bout the only thang I can
You noticed how I put the truth in front of the player
The world revolves round cane and thats why I take it
God forgive me but I swear I think I'll never change
And I'm still stuck on that old saying no pain no gain
What said me not to be explain decision ya understand
I'm a man, so I gots to keep the upper hand
You know what I'm saying


[Verse 3]
Yeah I got feelings but my first real old lady left
A refuse to give'em back, so I'm rolling like that
What I really loved is gone now
Thats why I stay in another nigga house when he aint
home now
Putting that brod down player please don't feel played
She was uptown looking and got herself a true lover
Your girl and all my hoes got my psyched up
Calling on caddy daddy just to get the right f..ck
You best tighten up your game cause it hurting charlie
I pop a rodly feel my game tight than everybody
On the low you don't even know I got her pop it two
And thats just one of the thangs I know you couldn't
make her do
It aint nothing for me to take over a strong mind
Even Eve couldn't tell a bitch that love blind
I don't be lying when you asked for something its no's
and yes'
She got my name on her thigh, her back, and her chest,
like I'm depressed


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