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The Best Lyrics

Album Name : Best Night of My Life
Release Date : 2010-12-17
Song Duration : 3:07

Soulja Boy The Best

Nigga I don't play boy, I'm not Hugh Heffner,
Bunnies in my mansion, and it ain't even Easter.
Drop it drop it low girl,
Futuristic Chris Brown, I can transform her.
I'm a f..cking genious, Jimmy Neutron,
Rich nigga shit, grey poupon.
Beats: blazin them, fans: amazing them,
Water diamonds on my neck come and take a swim.
Guard your life with them, cuz you might drown,
No lifeguard guaranteed you going down.
Speaking to existence, nigga I'm the best,
Open my louis cases looking like a treasure chest.
You don't want beef so stay outta harms way,
Blow your legs off have you looking like a mermaid.
Runnin at the mouth shut you up like a suitcase,
Eat any rapper I'll have his ass soufleed.
All year 365, february to february,
The only place where success comes before work is inside the dictionary.
Niggas saying I'm gassed up, f..ck you mean? F..ck gasoline,
Any rapper on any beat, I'll chop your head nigga gilitene.
Fake rappers dissin me like I would forget,
Niggas say they gettin money but it's counterfeit.
My name gigantic, I sink em, titanic,
S.O.D. gang all my haters now panic.
They thinking got damnit Soulja Boy's flow is Cajun,
I'm drawing on this beat do you get the illustration?
Everybody hate it,
I'm balling so hard I should be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
Yea I navigate it, then escalade it,
Twitter king 2 million in your faces.
I'm saying my graces, I'm bout to eat all of ya,
Soulja Boy Tell Em I'm a one man orchestra.
Instructional videos on you tube,
So I can teach you how to do what I do.
Haters wanna knock me, but I'm not a damn door,
I got a million dollars cash laid across this damn floor.
Word around town they got money on my head,
Bitch I pull that f..ckin chopper and they scramble like eggs.
Soulja Boy tell em that this shit is historical,
All the newspapers put this in your editorial.
Teach you niggas, swag tutorial,
Got a lot of haters, f..ck it I want more of ya.
RIP all rappers, shout out to young memorial,
Don't ask me if I wanna f..ck this, cuz that question is rhetorical.

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