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Coconuts From Congoville Lyrics

Album Name : Soul Masters: Coconuts from Congoville
Release Date : 2005-11-21
Song Duration : 3:06

Soulful Dynamics Coconuts From Congoville

Coconuts from Congoville
growing up on a sunny hill

coconuts from Congoville !

Jimmy has a barrow

he's selling coconuts !
Coco-coconuts !
Early in the morning
he's plucking coconuts !
And he is shouting much louder
than the others
later on the market place

all the days !

Coconuts from Congoville...

Everybody loves him down
in Congoville ! Coco...
You can see the children
dancing around his barrow
and you'll hear them singing
ev'rybody's swinging
Jimmy's dancing on his place

all the days.

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