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Venus Return Lyrics

Album Name : To Be Continued... (feat. Will Hammond Jr.)
Release Date : 2008-02-08
Song Duration : 3:11

Soul Folk Feat. Will Hammond Jr Venus Return

Verse 1:

It was summer when we first met
And I knew that nite you were the one
But I had to wait thru space and time
For you to realize that you were mine

I wish that you were in my arms tonite


When will Venus Returns
The love flow back to my heart?
For now I'll just let it burn
And still I'm waiting, baby

When will Venus Return
The love we had from the start?
To show you how much I've learned
I'm patiently waiting, baby

Verse 2:

Autumn came and you weren't around
And I was seeing another girl uptown
Words exchanged but only as friends
Silly of me to think we could meet again

But in my dreams I've known this was for sure



Since I met you baby
You've been on my mind
all day, all nite, all day, all nite

Now the moon and stars have aligned
now it's alright, cause your mine now (repeat)

And I love you....

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